Stock Participation Program

The BayShare 2020 share participation program for managers and non-managerial employees (incl. apprentices) in Germany 

BayShare is an opportunity for employees and apprentices in Germany to purchase Bayer shares at attractive conditions. This year employees can choose a fixed amount in euros that they wish to invest in shares. A 20 percent discount will be granted based on this amount. Other features of the program are as follows:

  • All employees and apprentices are eligible for BayShare.
  • Participants may purchase Bayer shares up to a maximum value (subscription amount) of €2,500 for non-managerial employees and managers at contract level 1, and €5,000 for managerial employees at contract level 2 or above; for apprentices, interns and students the maximum is €1,800.

Employees and apprentices who purchase Bayer shares for €1,800 at a discount of 20 percent (= €360) will benefit from the full tax allowance. Under German income tax law (§ 3 no. 39 of the Income Tax Act/EStG), discounts and similar benefits are tax-exempt up to a maximum of €360. Any benefit granted in excess of this amount will be taxed at each employee's personal tax rate.

The shares will be purchased at the volume weighted average price (VWAP) for Bayer shares in the Xetra trading system on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on a specific date in November 2020. The amount payable by participants in this program is calculated after deduction of the 20 percent discount and is therefore 80 percent of the subscription amount. The shares purchased may not be sold before December 31, 2021 (lock-up period).

In 2019, employees purchased a total of about 330.500 shares under the BayShare program.

Stock participation programs for employees are also offered in various other countries.