Stock History

A historical overview of principal developments concerning Bayer stock is given below.

September 21, 2009Conversion from no-par bearer shares to no-par registered shares at a ratio of 1:1 Change of ISIN DE0005752000 to ISIN DE000BAY0017
January 31, 2005Spin-off of Lanxess: for every 10 Bayer shares held, stockholders receive one Lanxess share in addition. The spin-off is entered in the commercial register on January 28, 2005
Starting October 9, 2000All individual share certificates are recalled following the issuance of a global share certificate deposited with Clearstream Banking AG in Frankfurt
January 1, 1999Share price quoted in euros instead of DM
July 1, 1998Switch to no-par shares
June 3, 1996Par value reduced from DM 50 to DM 5
June 14, 1972Annual Stockholders’ Meeting votes to change the company name to “Bayer AG”
October 17, 1966Par value reduced from DM 100 DM to DM 50
October 2, 1953

Bayer stock relisted on the German stock market: Initial price of the shares of “Farbenfabriken Bayer AG” is DM 109.00 per share of DM 100 par value

Listing Prospectus 1953
(available in German only)

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December 19, 1951Farbenfabriken Bayer AG is re-established
1950I.G. Farbenindustrie AG dissolved: I.G. shares issued up to 1945 are no longer tradable. Following the establishment of successor companies, stockholders are later able to exchange their share certificates for shares of these new companies
1925Merger to form the I.G. Farben: Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co. is merged into I.G. Farbenindustrie AG. After the Second World War the I.G. Farben is seized by order of the allied powers and subsequently broken up
1883Bayer shares are freely traded on the stock market for the first time
July 1, 1881Dyestuffs factory is incorporated as Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co
August 1, 1863Company is founded: Merchant Friedrich Bayer and master dyer Johann Friedrich Weskott set up a dyestuffs factory in Barmen (now part of the city of Wuppertal)

Capital stock
in €

2019Capital increase2,515,005,649.92Divided into 982,424,082 shares
2018Capital increase2,387,333,028Divided into 932,551,964 shares
2018Capital increase2,196,346,388Divided into 857,947,808 shares
2009Capital increase2,116,986,388Divided into 826,947,808 shares
2009Capital increase1,956,721,997Divided into 764,344,530 shares
2008Capital increase1,956,718,656Divided into 764,343,225 shares
2006Capital increase: 34 million new shares issued1,956,715,315Divided into 764,341,920 shares
1999Capital increase1,869,675,315From internal resources
1999Conversion to €1,867,089,471Divided into 730,341,920 shares

Capital stock
in DM
1998Switch to no-par shares3,651,709,600
1996Par value reduced from
DM 50 to DM 5
1988-1997Warrants exercised3,651,709,600
1988Capital increase3,119,328,750Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1987Warrants exercised3,089,328,750
1987Capital increase2,975,547,150Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1986Warrants exercised2,945,547,150
1986Capital increase2,873,132,300Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1986Capital increase2,873,132,300Ratio 14:1
1985Warrants exercised2,613,132,300
1985Capital increase2,580,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1984Capital increase2,555,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1981Capital increase2,530,000,000Ratio 10:1
1981Capital increase2,265,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1976Capital increase2,130,000,000Ratio 10:1
1972Capital increases1,910,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1970Capital increase1,835,000,000Ratio 10:1
1970Capital increase1,645,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1969Capital increase1,605,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1968Capital increases1,580,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1967Capital increases1,535,000,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1967Capital increase1,485,000,000Ratio 10:1
1966Par value reduced from
DM 100 to DM 50
1965Capital increase1,350,000,000From internal resources
Ratio 2:1
1964Capital increase900,000,000Ratio 13:1
1962Capital increase835,000,000Ratio 8:1
1960Capital increase735,000,000Ratio 10:1
1958Capital increase660,000,000Ratio 5:1
1956Capital increase550,000,000Ratio 5:2
1953Capital increase387,700,000Stockholders’ subscription rights excluded
1952Initial capital100,000