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RSS (short for "Really simple Syndication") is an XML-based platform-independent format for sharing any kind of new content. The continuous data stream of information is called "newsfeed". RSS newsfeeds offer structured text content which can be checked, downloaded and displayed in predefined intervals by a variety of reader applications.

The URL addresses of such newsfeeds can be imported ("subscribed" to). All future news items of these RSS feeds will then be downloaded in regular intervals (i.e. daily) and automatically displayed as headlines.

To use RSS feeds, you need a newsreader. There are different kinds of newsreader applications: Dedicated newsreaders for your desktop (e.g. NewzCrawler), Plug-Ins for various e-mail clients and browsers, online-newsreaders and personalized web portals (like which can be easily configured and displayed in your browser.

These websites offer free RSS-Readers:

A collection of more free and commercial newsreader applications:

Most websites offering RSS feeds feature a symbol or button linked to a newsfeed's URL. Depending on the newsreader used, this address can either be imported automatically by simply clicking the button/symbol for a newsfeed or manually by cut-and-paste. Bayer Investor Relations offers the following options to easily and comfortably install Bayer newsfeeds: You can copy the shown URL of a feed directly into your newsreader or simply click the respective button to automatically add it to an online-newsreader or to a personalized portal of your choice.

Our RSS feeds are exclusive property of BAYER. Permission to use the feeds is granted only on the condition that they are used solely for personal purposes and that no commercial use takes place. The information may not be changed in any way. The integration of Bayer RSS feeds into the homepages or weblogs of third parties is prohibited.


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