Herewith we offer to you various documents for download purposes, published in or related to year 2001.

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Annual Report 2001Download (PDF, 1 MB) collect
Balance Sheet 2001Download (PDF, 147 KB) collect
Income Statement 2001Download (PDF, 150 KB) collect
Cashflow Statement 2001Download (PDF, 147 KB) collect
Key Data by Segment and Region 2001Download (PDF, 129 KB) collect
Ten Year Financial Summary (1992 - 2001)Download (PDF, 126 KB) collect
1st Three Quarters 2001Download (PDF, 284 KB) collect
1st Half 2001Download (PDF, 536 KB) collect
1st Quarter 2001Download (PDF, 211 KB) collect
Stockholders' Newsletter 2001 special issue: Withdrawal of Lipobay / Baycol


Download (PDF, 418 KB) collect

Investor Handout

Group Key Figures


December 10, 2001

Cheuvreux Chemical Conference, Paris

Presentation by Prof. Gottfried PlumpeDownload (PDF, 1 MB) collect
June 12, 2001

Goldman Sachs Healthcare Conference, Laguna Niguel, USA

Presentation by Dr. David Ebsworth, President and General Manager of the Business Group PharmaDownload (PDF, 6 MB) collect
February 05, 2001

Goldman Sachs Ag/Agbio Investor Forum, New York

Presentation: With Innovation and Investment into the FutureDownload (PDF, 955 KB) collect

Stock Information

Stock Key Figures 2001 / 2000Download (XLS, 16 KB) collect
Share Price Performance 2001Download (PDF, 32 KB) collect
Daily Share Prices 2001Download (XLS, 25 KB) collect
Stock Listings and Trading Volumes 2001Download (PDF, 75 KB) collect

News and Ad-hoc Messages

News Overview 2001Download (PDF, 88 KB) collect
Ad-hoc Messages Overview 2001Download (PDF, 51 KB) collect