Herewith we offer to you various documents for download purposes, published in or related to year 2006.

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Annual Report 2006Download (PDF, 3 MB) collect
Balance Sheet 2006Download (XLS, 19 KB) collect
Income Statement 2006Download (XLS, 18 KB) collect
Cashflow Statement 2006Download (XLS, 19 KB) collect
Key Data by Segment 2006Download (XLS, 19 KB) collect
Key Data by Region 2006Download (XLS, 18 KB) collect
Five Year Financial Summary (2002 - 2006)Download (XLS, 19 KB) collect
Form 20-F as filed on March 6, 2006Download (PDF, 886 KB) collect
Third Quarter 2006Download (PDF, 1 MB) collect
Second Quarter 2006Download (PDF, 684 KB) collect
First Quarter 2006Download (PDF, 511 KB) collect

Corporate Governance

Declaration of Conformity 2006Download (PDF, 9 KB) collect

Investor Handouts

Full Year 2006Download (PDF, 262 KB) collect
Q4 2006 Analyst and Investor BriefingDownload (PDF, 134 KB) collect
Q3 2006Download (PDF, 2 MB) collect
Q3 2006 Analyst and Investor BriefingDownload (PDF, 327 KB) collect
Q2 2006Download (PDF, 392 KB) collect
Q2 2006 Analyst and Investor BriefingDownload (PDF, 162 KB) collect
Q1 2006Download (PDF, 265 KB) collect
Q1 2006 Analyst and Investor BriefingDownload (PDF, 164 KB) collect


November 30, 2006

Merrill Lynch European Chemicals Conference, London

Presentation by Peter Vanacker, Head of Polyurethanes Business UnitDownload (PDF, 570 KB) collect
June 13, 2006

Goldman Sachs, Global Healthcare Conference, Laguna Niguel, USA

Presentation by Arthur Higgins, Bayer HealthCare AGDownload (PDF, 548 KB) collect
June 01, 2006

Deutsche Bank German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt

Presentation by Werner Wenning, CEO of Bayer AGDownload (PDF, 996 KB) collect
March 10, 2006

Credit Suisse Agro Conference, London

Presentation by Dr. Rüdiger Scheitza, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer CropScience AGDownload (PDF, 684 KB) collect
January 16, 2006

Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Kronberg

Presentation by Klaus Kühn, CFO of Bayer AGDownload (PDF, 2 MB) collect
January 11, 2006

Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein German Investment Seminar, New York

Presentation by Dr. Alexander Rosar, Head of Bayer Investor RelationsDownload (PDF, 2 MB) collect

Group Key Figures

Stock Information

Stock Key Figures 2006 / 2005Download (XLS, 19 KB) collect
Share Price Performance 2006Download (PDF, 44 KB) collect
Daily Share Prices 2006Download (XLS, 38 KB) collect
Stock Listings and Trading Volumes 2006Download (PDF, 23 KB) collect

News and Ad-hoc Messages

News Overview 2006Download (PDF, 66 KB) collect
Ad-hoc Messages 2006Download (PDF, 2 MB) collect


Accounting Issues ahead of Q4 Reporting
February 2, 2007
Download (PDF, 54 KB) collect
Bayer Schering Accounting Information
August 29, 2006
Download (PDF, 94 KB) collect